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How to wash your new Face Mask.

Washing washing washing.
How often should it be done and how?
It is recommended to do it every evening after a days use.
If it’s washed often it’s ok to do it by hand, using soap and water in the sink.
It's a great way of saving water by washing it by hand instead of in a machine daily.
Make sure to do it for around 20 seconds.
I do it whilst washing my hands.
Once it's been given a good clean, hang to dry.
Once dry, and if you want it to look crisp again, you can iron it. 
FYI, Be careful around the elastics as the hot iron can melt the elastic if the heat and pressure is put on it.
A good thing to do is to purchase two masks, that way, you will always have one ready to go whilst the other one is drying. 
Be aware, the elastics can get caught up in other items in the washing machine and come loose. (As I learned from personal experience.)
Stay safe!