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sharp&dapper - Shirt Stays - Y-Style+
sharp&dapper - Shirt Stays - Y-Style+
sharp&dapper - Shirt Stays - Y-Style+

Shirt Stays - Y-Style+

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Even tuck throughout the day

By wearing Shirt Stays using six clips, you will get a more even tuck around your waist for a better and more comfortable tucked shirt.

Adjusters letting you decide your perfect tension

By adding adjusters to every piece of elastic, you are in charge on how tucked you want your shirt to be. Once adjusted, you won't need to change these again.

Easy to put on

Shirt Stays is very simple to put on. After a few wears it won't take much longer then putting on your socks. 

To easier identify the appropriate side, wear the Shirt Stay with green on your right side and the Shirt Stay with red on your left side. 

Buy to last

You get what you pay for. With daily use, our Shirt Stays will last you for at least two years.


Visit our Youtube page for more information. 


  • Handmade by me in London, UK
  • Gentle and subtle non slip clips and adjusters. Nickel free
  • For sustainability, your Shirt Stays arrives in a reusable cotton bag.
  • A set comes with two Shirt Stays, one per leg.
  • One Size Fits All

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