Classic Shirt Stays Black - Brown Box-sharp&dapper
Classic Shirt Stays Black - Brown Box-sharp&dapper
Classic Shirt Stays Black - Brown Box-sharp&dapper
Classic Shirt Stays Black - Brown Box-sharp&dapper

Shirt Stays Classic in Black

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Shirt Stays, the best way to keep your shirt from riding up looking messy. 

Hidden beneath your trousers, they make sure that your socks will never slip down and - most importantly - your shirt will stay tucked in the whole day long.

  • Our Standard Shirt Stays are approx. 39cm at their shortest and 69cm at their longest
  • White Bronze clips
  • Rubber fastener which is gentle to the fabrics on the Shirt and Socks
  • Handmade in England

Don't forget to use the adjuster to get the most comfortable wear out of your Shirt Stays.

We have created a series of videos on our YouTube Channel to get you comfortable with wearing your Shirt Stays.


“A minor life-changing experience” Fantastic Man Magazine.

Thinking about trying Shirt Stays? Check out what customer and REDDIT user SPLENDEUR thought here

“The Ultimate Shirt Tuck” Antonio Centeno from Real Men Real Style for The Art of Manliness.


How will the braces/suspenders fit?

The braces we supply online are all multi-fit, measuring 46 inches (115 cm), and can be adjusted with the levers. Please note that your brace size has more to do with how high the waistband of your trouser comes rather than your overall height. Please email if you require further assistance

Do I have to buy your clip-on buttons when purchasing the classic style braces?

No, these are not necessary with our classic style braces. (The clever thing about the clip-on buttons is that they are removable so you won’t need to sew buttons on to any of your trousers.)

Do the clip-on buttons fit any trouser?

The clip-on buttons are a very clever product that will fit any type of trouser.


Shirt Stays

Is there any other way of wearing the Shirt Stays as I’m worried that they will be visible through my trousers?

Yes. The classic way of wearing them is to attach the suspender clips to the bottom of the shirt and pull them straight down to the front of your socks. However, you can also attach the front brace to the back of the sock and vice versa with the back brace. This will create a cross on the outside of your knee as well as keeping the Shirt Stays hugged to the outside of the leg.

Does the Shirt Stays clip damage the shirt fabric?

After testing several types of clip we found ones that do not damage the shirt at all.

Are Shirt Stays uncomfortable?

Like any other item of clothing that you wear for the first time you will probably notice that it is there, but after a couple of times wearing the item you’ll wonder what you did without it!

What if I were to get lucky on a night out?

Believe it or not this is one of our most asked questions! In the first place you probably got lucky because you looked so well presented with your shirt smartly tucked in. Usually the Shirt Stays are a good talking point, but if you are worried that they will cause a problem at the time of lust, we recommend that you excuse yourself and go to the restroom for a swift removal as well as a freshen up.

How do I wash Shirt Stays?

We strongly recommend that you hand-wash your Shirt Stays.


How long is the delivery time within the UK?

We use Royal Mail and their First Class service which should take between 2-5 working days. If you haven’t received your package within 10 working days contact us at and we will contact our distributor to investigate.

How long is the delivery time for Europe and rest of the world?

Priority Airmail is the service we use with Royal Mail for packages abroad and it should take between 3-7 working days. For Europe, if you haven’t received your package within 14 working days and for North and South America (rare, but generally due to customs) 20 working days, contact us at and we will contact our distributor to investigate.

Is there an option for traceable/express shipping? 

Yes there is. Please contact us at before your order and we can inform you of the relevant charges and shipping available for you.

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