About Us

The idea of sharp&dapper began in bed one lazy Sunday morning, January 2011. For two years I had been wearing the original shirt-stays; as silly as it sounds, I loved talking about them and would speak rapturously to anyone who would listen about the virtues of the product. I knew that I had take advantage of my passion for the properly-tucked shirt.

On Monday morning I arrived at my bar job and spoke to Durham - a colleague - about taking shirt-stays to another level. His eyes lit up.

Durham was also a fan of the product so he asked if I would like a business partner. Not being English, and not really knowing what we were about to embark upon, I said yes.

Funds were limited. We both had some savings and sacrificing a year's worth of savings towards my dream watch, we ploughed our money into starting our own company.

The idea was simple: buy some material, hand-make our own version of shirt-stays and sell them to get some more money in the bank and continue sewing.

We went to Argos and bought their second cheapest sewing machine. The perks of being Swedish includes compulsory sewing lessons in school, so it didn't take long to refresh the memory and we were off!

Building up the brand organically and through word of mouth has been a challenge but very exciting. Since neither Durham or myself had the experience of running our own business, it felt natural to let the company grow in this way.

As sales have increased so has our product range, stylish additions that all gentlemen need to bring life to their wardrobe.

In August 2013 Durham and I decided to go separate ways when he bought a wonderful pub called The Hops & Glory. Located in Angel, it's a must visit for the keen beer drinker.

I never thought that I would run my own business, but from the moment of its conception I've loved every second of it.

Classic, practical and timeless is the mantra of sharp&dapper. As such, I'll be adding other brands to the website when I feel that they adhere to the sharp&dapper ethos.

Stay tuned by either following us on our social media pages or check back from time to time as the website grows each month.