Our Philosophy

Here at sharp&dapper we strive to help our customers develop their style by offering high quality accessories that will complement & enhance any outfit.

With Shirt Stays made by our founder Johan in London, Braces from Leicester, Pocket Squares from Macclesfield and Ties from Chatham in Kent as well as Germany, we are very proud to be able to offer some the best products on the accessory market.


I have been using shirt stays almost every day for the last three years... So far, these are the best I've ever used.

The extra strap to the shirt really makes the difference in having an even tuck all around. I also enjoy the quality of the clips. I don't fear that these will separate from the strap.

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so was happy when I saw these. Shipping to the US was lightening fast. Was so happy with the quality of the leather and rigid fabric on these, I bought three other colors.

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These are the best things ever. Oh my days, you don't know how much you need them, you'll question how you got this far without them in your life. 

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Oliver West

The materials used are sturdy and look like they'd last for sometime. These stays will help you look sharp and you soon begin to wonder how you managed without them.

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I have only used my shirt stays for two days (since they arrived) but i already love them.

This product is a life changer and this is a quality store with very good service, would highly recommend to buy shirt stays from sharp&dapper.

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