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Shirt Stays Y+ Shape-sharp&dapper

Shirt Stays Y+ Shape

The most efficient and comfortable way to keep your shirt in place all day.

By using 6 clips attached to your shirt instead of 4 you will get a more secure and even tuck all day. 

Handmade by us in London.

Shirt Stays Classic Shape-sharp&dapper

Shirt Stays Classic Shape

Our Shirt Stay Classic are the first product we've launched and our hero product. Featuring 4 clips, it helps your shirt to stay tucked in all day long.

Handmade by us in London.

Braces Bamboo - Blue-sharp&dapper

Our New Braces Are Available Now!

The best three words to describe our range of Braces/Suspenders made for us by Albert Thurston? Stylish, practical and longevity. 

They come in different fabrics for all situations. Our Moiré braces will be perfect for eveningwear. Wear our Bamboo braces for weddings and formal occasions, and our elastic braces will be your go-to for every day wear.