Our Story

In 2011, Swedish-born bartender and entrepreneur Johan Ekelund was working behind the bar in London’s West End, developing his enduring passion for both delicious drinks and fine tailoring.

Reaching, moving and bending for bottles comes with its own set of sartorial requirements. By chance, Johan discovered shirt stays – a simple, practical accessory which secures the shirt to the socks, keep it neatly tucked and creating an elegant, streamlined silhouette. Needless to say, he has been wearing them ever since.

Recognising an appetite for shirt stays among his contemporaries, Johan soon began designing and producing the classic garment himself, refining its construction over time to create an authentic, high-quality piece which would last. As word spread, the range grew to incorporate similar specialist menswear accessories, from braces and sleeve garters to pocket squares and neckties – a concise and cohesive collection of the pieces which finish an outfit.

Now, sharp&dapper designs, creates and sources a full range of specialist menswear accessories from shirt stays to neckties, braces to pocket squares and sleeve garters – a carefully curated range of classic, timeless styles in muted tones. Every piece is selected with quality, functionality and Scandinavian minimalism in mind.

Founded in London in 2011, sharp&dapper is an independent one-man brand, created to bring high-quality, specialist accessories to a new audience. It sources materials, fastenings and finishes from around the world, and produces its pieces close to home, wherever possible.