A Guide to Pocket Squares

I walked down a street in central London recently and thought that I would count the number of men who accessorised with a dapper pocket square.

The result was quite surprising!

Out of 100 men wearing a suit or a blazer only 10 of them wore a pocket square. The majority of these men had opted for the lazier purchase of a matching tie and pocket square set. I wonder why this is the case? Why don’t men use pocket squares more often - is it because they don’t know or simply don’t care? My hope is that they don’t know.

For us here at sharp&dapper, a unique pocket square shows the people around you that you take pride in how you look and are perceived. That does not include pre matched tie and pocket square sets 

Pocket Squares comes in all different materials and patterns.

Snub that lifeless cotton and polyester and embrace the aesthetically pleasing silk or wool pocket squares. The difference between these materials is vast: Whilst the silk and wool will give you a nice drape and volume, cotton and polyester will always lie flat and limp.

sharp&dapper Pocketsquare Pink / Navy Trim - £30.00

The Edges

Machine-stitched or hand rolled, that’s the question. A machine-stitched edge is a cheaper option due to the simplicity and speed with which it can be made.

However, their downfall is a harsh-looking stitched edge that will be visible once the pocket square has been folded. A hand rolled and hand stitched edge will be more expensive as a quality finish depends on the skill and time that is required to make it. As the phrase hand rolled suggests, the square you start with is rolled and carefully stitched by hand to create a soft edge without any harsh folds. This will make sure that once the square is tucked in your pocket it won’t matter which side is showing - no edges will be visible.

sharp&dapper Pocketsquare Yellow / Navy Trim - £30.00


The proper fold of a pocket square seems to be the most difficult thing to do in the world after tying a bow tie.

Personally, I would only use a proper fold for a black tie event; I’m more of an advocate of the ‘puff.’ Aptly named, the puff creates a nice full fold that looks great in your pocket. Alternatively, I like the ‘unstructured’ version where you let the edges stick out a bit wild. (above)


At sharp&dapper, we prefer the focus to be on textures and elevate simplicity above patterns. The silk designs offered on our website provide a lovely contrast when tucked into the pocket of any wool blazer or suit jacket.