Customer Reviews

  • Geoffrey Stuart / United Kingdom

    The shirt stays are excellent. I feel so much smarter and leaner when wearing them on my shirts. A secondary effect is that when I feel smarter and leaner my posture adjusts as well. I am delighted with them.

    Geoffrey Stuart / United Kingdom - 5 Star

  • Israel Alarid / United States

    I've been searching for shirt stays for months, I use to serve in the Marines but being out of the military for years and no longer having access to go in the military commissary I can never find shirt stays until I read online about Sharp And Dapper.

    I love my shirt stays, I've had them for 5 years now, I practically use them almost everyday, there service is great. Recently purchased the sleeve garters and I love them. I fully endorse shopping here that I refer people to them all the time.

    Israel Alarid / United States - 5 Star