Customer Reviews

  • David Miles - United Kingdom

    Great accessory. I present in front of audiences for my job, and knowing that I am looking that little bit smarter because of the shirt stays genuinely matters. Try them!

    David Miles - United Kingdom - 5 Star

  • Andreas Lantz - Sweden

    Ordered the shirt stays and they were just fabulous. I've always hated tucking and feeling sloppy, but now I'm always sharp and don't have to tuck all the time. Just fantastic. Keep in mind that you will most likely need to adjust the strap length before first time usage.

    Andreas Lantz - Sweden - 5 Star

  • Ciaran Denning - United Kingdom

    Would highly recommend. I love the very personal service from Johan, and his products are top-notch. His shirt-stays keep me looking sharp, and the beautiful ties make me the most dapper gentleman! All I can say is thank you!

    Ciaran Denning - United Kingdom - 5 Star

  • David England - United Kingdom

    In a world of anodyne identikit fashion, made in Far Eastern sweatshops at great personal and environmental cost, it is both refreshing and important that companies like Sharp & Dapper exist. Each item is exquisite; the presentation is luxurious; the service is exceptional. And the company supports independent suppliers here in the UK. Your shirts - whether Jermyn Street or not - will never feel so well-dressed without shirt stays keeping them in place and a fine English silk tie to complement them.

    David England - United Kingdom - 5 Star

  • Darren Stevens - United Kingdom

    Customer service is first class - attentive and with a genuine passion for the products. The products themselves are excellent, incredibly well made and beautifully presented. I have ordered braces and pocket squares and have been thoroughly impressed. I would not hesitate in recommending Sharp & Dapper - I have only ever had good experiences.

    Darren Stevens - United Kingdom - 5 Star

  • Carlos Soto - United States

    The braces were is a far greater quality than expected. Slide buckles, loops, leather, all of superior quality and rather substantial.

    Will wear for a great many years. Johan is a great and attentive seller, even honored a discount code retroactively when I neglected to input it on my order.

    Package was received very quickly across the Atlantic. Compostable packing very appreciated.

    Carlos Soto - United States - 5 Star

  • Carl J. Locsin - United Kingdom

    It's rare that you find a company where you also feel like you're directly engaging with and connecting with the person behind it.

    His level of customer service and attention to detail is better than most and the quality and innovation of his shirt stays is unparalleled.

    Johan always has a delightful selection of accessories leaving you wanting to come back for more.

    Carl J. Locsin - United Kingdom - 5 Star

  • Kris Grimes - United Kingdom

    The braces and armbands are amazing and the shirt stays keep me tucked throughout even the busiest bartending shift meaning I look as sharp and dapper at the end of a long day as I did when I left the house.

    Very pleased to hear that the packaging has just becoming more eco friendly.

    Kris Grimes - United Kingdom - 5 Star

  • Luke Hanson / United Kingdom

    Always a pleasure buying from Sharp&Dapper, safe easy and delivery always on time. If you've met Johan at trade shows then you know he's as much a gentleman at trade shows as he is dealing with online.

    Couldn't recommend more if I tried.

    Luke Hanson / United Kingdom - 5 Star

  • Christophe Charron / France

    ...I order regularly from France and am always satisfied. Communication with the seller is excellent and he does everything possible to respond to your requests.

    Thank you Johan and see you very soon

    Christophe Charron / France - 5 Star

  • Patrick Stevenson / Malta

    I have been delighted with my purchases from Sharp & Dapper. I have purchased ties, shirt stays, braces. Once when I wanted a tie thingy they were sold out and did not come again on the web site. I had forgotten. Imagine my delight to find Johann had not forgotten and when he found a tie thingy he remembered me and mailed it.

    I live in Malta and Sharp & Dapper's mailing is very quick. I cannot praise the company enough.

    Patrick Stevenson / Malta - 5 Star Review

  • Geoffrey Stuart / United Kingdom

    The shirt stays are excellent. I feel so much smarter and leaner when wearing them on my shirts. A secondary effect is that when I feel smarter and leaner my posture adjusts as well. I am delighted with them.

    Geoffrey Stuart / United Kingdom - 5 Star