Click to learn more about our Fathers Day Chairty Evening in Support of Team UnLimbited

Fathers Day Charity Event in support of Team UnLimbited

We have selected the charity Team UnLimbited for our first Charity Event.

I became aware of Drew & Stephens cause via the 'Shed of the Year'  TV show in the UK with George Clarke in 2017. The story behind the charity resonated me with becoming a father for the first time and also I loved the space which they had created in a small shed in Wales from which they support people all over the world. You can watch the episode on their Facebook Page.

About Team UnLimbited

Drew & Stephen run the charity Team UnLimbited based out of a shed in Wales were they 3D print arms for children & adults around the world!

"After Drew built a hand for Stephen, Stephen decided to become a volunteer himself. We collaborate on recipient build and work on developing and improving the devices that are on offer.

Our R&D efforts include developing new devices, research into materials and functional improvements. All our work is shared as open source for the benefit of all, for non-commercial use."

They are part of the larger global e‑NABLE community "...The e-NABLE Community is an amazing group of individuals from all over the world who are using their 3D printers to create free 3D printed hands and arms for those in need of an upper limb assistive device."

Visit their website: Team Unlimbited to get an idea what 20% net of your purchase will enable Drew & Stephen to create for people around the globe.

Team UnLimbited - UK Registered Charity No. 1177455