Info for EU customers

Unfortunately, this didn't work out as we hoped and each country will charge their VAT on products coming in from the UK. 

DHL express added additional costs so I had to remove them from our shipping options.

Some good news if you want to buy a set of Shirt Stays!!
Orders going to the EU that's under €22 are not effected by these charges.

So, I have created a discount code that will give you 25% of your Shirt Stays so they come in at €21 so they should still be VAT free for you.

During checkout, use code EUWEMISSYOU during checkout to receive the discount. The code is valid for other products as well, incase you also see something else you like. However, then there will be charges added to the order when it lands in your country.

Thank you for your custom and I look forward to receiving your order.